Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cap-Rail final-final-final decision....

And the winner is......................... IPE

Family Name for Ipe Lumber: Tabebuia of family Bignoniaceae

The old sealant (origin unknown) was pretty shot.  Some 5200 had been squirted in at some stage to little avail.

This made getting the old rail off pretty easy, once the screws were removed.


This was a useful tool to remove the bolts holding the genoa track, if they are the old slotted type.


I had a local wood-shop use the old cap-rail as a template and make me a new one, including screw holes. 

 Ipe is hard to bend, but it will bend slightly.

After much research I will use Teakdecking Systems FE-180A to bond the Ipe to the fiberglass.

Full install won't take place until I return from Europe in late July

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