Thursday, December 18, 2008

Engine Room insulation.....

Foam Barrier coat (Ultra Barrier, WM Brand etc.) looks great, goes on reasonably easy (most have an adhesive back) and work well to deaden engine noise. So whats not to like? Well anyone who has worked on older boats with original foam will have noticed that it tends to crumble with age. You are left with the backing still stuck in place and black foam crumbs all over the ER which are a pain to remove. The consensus appears that the life of this foam is between 5 and 10 years.

My plan is to construct panels of plywood about 24ins X 32ins and stick the foam to these.
I will then cover the foam with SOUNDOWN Perforated Aluminum with QuieTech. These panels will be screwed to the bulkhead and can be removed when the time comes to replace the foam.

Credit for the idea has to go to
DonParker s/v SILKIE, Allied 42 Annapolis MD. I found his post on Click here

Watch this space.

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