Monday, December 1, 2008

Possible ER paint

Has anyone used Silent Running marine paint?

"Silent Running SR1000 is a sound and vibration dampening paint specifically designed for marine applications. This unique marine coating absorbs noise and vibration, and converts it into low-grade heat which is dissipated throughout the surface its applied on. Apply SR1000 to replace conventional sound dampening materials, like heavy mats and wraps. "

This looks like a candidate for the ER project. At the very least it will provide a nice contrast to the antifouling that I'm still peeling off my skin.


rj said...

I saw the company demo Silent Running at IBEX a couple years ago. Seems to be the real thing. Not snake oil. Apparently it works best at dampening low frequency sounds.

Last I looked, it was not cheap.

Paul said...

I used it when I repowered my motorsailer from gas to diesel.

Not hard to use at all -- it's just paint. And I am surely running a lot quieter, but I'm not sure if it is the conversion, or the sound insulation matial I used or the Silent Running or a combination of the three.

I used Ultra Barrier from Marine for insulation, and so far it has been great stuff.

The Incredible Hull said...

RJ and Paul

Comments are greatly appreciated.
I plan to use marine foam around the engine and generator.