Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Somewhat industrial but......... its a bilge.....

This is the aft port side bilge with the new thru hulls and the bilgekote paint. Looks a bit industrial, but I never said I was good at this.

Looks OK when compared with the original system. But please don't look at the level of work on the Westsail 42 rebuild on my links, very depressing.

The lower bilge will not be painted unless I contract it out to Jim E's son Morgan. Jim said something about waiting until his mother was away.

I believe that child labor will make a big comeback in the current economic climate.


rj said...

Gerry, last thing I want is my blog to be depressing! For me, it is the only thing that helps keep me focused, otherwise I'd go crazy! LOL

The thru-hull installation looks great! I will be starting a couple myself in the next month.

Happy new year!

Tinkerfaerie said...

A very cute child labor. You need a nanny to help babysit him? LOL.