Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Form follows function.....

The gunwale (aka cap rail) on TIH will need replacing at some stage. At the very least it will have to be removed and re caulked, as there is some evidence of leaking via the screws holding the cap rail to the fiberglass. This project will result in one of the "form follows function" discussions with my wife, Lynne. Teak is nice and looks 'traditional" but it requires - maintenance.

I really like the work carried out on a CSY 44 called "Soggy Paws" where the teak caprail was replaced with a TACO extrusion.

Check out the project here; Soggy Paws caprail

Photo here used without permission, hope Sherry and Dave will not mind.

The idea is posted here as I will need support when the time comes to discuss the project.

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