Thursday, June 25, 2009

Its lightning season in S. Florida.......

According to Florida Power and Light Miami/Dade was hit by 600 lightning strikes last Tuesday. I know because I was at sea in a 31ft center console trying to catch fish and not be a lightning conductor. Failed on the fish but succeeded in not getting fried.

The experience was a good visual to my recent study of lightning protection of sailboats. This is the lightning season down here and I know of at least three boats that have been hit. The cost of repair varies but seems to average out at $5 below your insurance deductible or $5K which ever is greater.

The current thinking of this issue is somewhat confusing and seems to boil down to;

1. Do nothing and hope.
2. Bond everything (expensive) and hope lightning does not blow your earthing plate out of the hull.
3. Install a dissipator (Forespar Lightning master) or similar.

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