Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two more NFM ports installed......

For me this is progress.......

I love these ports......BUT......the instruction SUCK.

Some free advice for NFM and all producers of marine (and all) equipment that has to be installed by an end user;

Rule 1: No one involved in the project is allowed to write the manual (after all you understand the fu$%*ng thing, you designed it).

Rule 2: Carry your project around until someone asks "what is that?" Ideally they should have no previous experience in the area where this item is to be used.

Rule 3: Have them work out how to use the item, with minimal assistance from the designer.

Rule 4: Have them then explain how to assemble/work the item to a person who speaks another language. Have that person write the manual.

Most importantly try to stick to one system of measurement (i.e. imperial OR metric).

Other than that, it was a breeze.


zander said...

Hi Gerry,

I'm trying to track down the admin at the downeast yachts web site. It's been down for weeks. I know you were the the admin a few years ago. If you still have his email or any server information, could you shoot me an email: stanleyea at yahoo dot com.

BTW - I installed NFM ports on my DE 38 two years ago. Great ports but yeah, a real bear to install. And the template didn't line up with the damn hardware! Fun stuff.


Eric S.

Scott said...

Hi Gerry,

I just ordered 12 of the TriMatrix ports for our boat. I was wondering if you had to cut down your fasteners to the right size?

Any other tips on the install?


S/V Honu Lele
Hull# 141

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Scott

I sat there thinking that I had to cut down 10 X 12 = 120 SS bolts using my little Dremmel and then had a moment of clarity. I went and bought a box of 6mm by 20mm and a box of 6mm by 25mm SS bolts. Duh. I can't believe that NFM recommend cutting down the existing bolts, but they do. The two lengths are necessary in the saloon when the slight curve of the sides require longer bolts.

Back off the four installed bolts at the hinges and the latches until they are flush with the plastic frame, the side of the W42 is exactly .5in. Which is the minimum install size without a spacer. You then don't have to drill countersink holes for these.

Clamp the template very tightly and drill the outside with a 3/8 bit as far as the liner. Drill from the liner in using 7mm or similar to accommodate the bolt. Have your dremmel standing by to enlarge the outside hole to permit seating of the nut thingamajig on the outside.

By the 12 port I was wizard at the install.

Feel free if you have any more questions but it becomes clear once you start.

Scott said...

Thats funny. I had the same conversation with NFM. They wanted to send me the 38 mm fasteners even though a 20 mm was the right size.

Thanks for the install tips. This will really help me out and I never leave home without my dremel :-)