Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cetol V. Varnish...

When it comes to stuff like varnishing etc. I am very much in the 80/20 camp. If you can achieve 80% of the results in 20% of the time - party on!!!!!!.

In the lower photo the door was lovingly sanded and painted (not by me) with three coats of varnish. The panel on the left and in the top photo were sanded and painted with two coats of Cetol Light followed by two coats of Cetol Gloss. Spot the difference???

Before photos for reference.


rj said...

It is nice to see Cetol put out something different than their original orange looking stuff. I hated that stuff.

If it were exterior coatings, I might consider the new Cetol.

But for interior applications, with fewer coats needed, applying real varnish is not much extra effort. A little more sanding maybe? Even then there are some "no sand in 48 hours" traditional varnish formulas out there.

But still, looks good.

Free N Clear said...
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Free N Clear said...

Ahh, check out Honey Teak at http://www.signaturefinish.com/ We use it exterior and love it. And a few years ago decided to try it on the interior. Free N Clear is mahogany so we used only a couple of coats of the clear finish, not needing the pigment. Make sure to click on the Practical Sailor link on the home page for test results. This product can be applied "wet on wet", making 5 coats on the cap rail an easy 'one day' job!

The Incredible Hull said...

Looks great but WM doesn't stock it, so no associate discount :-((