Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dry boat concept - part two.

If you ever want to test deck leaks on a boat, Miami in summer, is hard to beat. Afternoon rainfall is measured in inches/hr. I had assumed that the few leaks in TIH were the chain plates and the odd cap rail bolt/screw. Imagine my surprise to see a constant stream of water appear in the after cabin (port side, aft). Once the monsoon stopped I inspected the area and could find no obvious source for the leak......until I opened the Gas locker. The photo shows half the water drained away. The locker had filled and the overspill came into the after cabin via a small hole in the bulkhead. That in itself is interesting as this is meant to be a gas tight LPG locker with no leaks to the inside of the boat. Something else for the work list.

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