Thursday, July 23, 2009

Interior lighting test - White

Not a very scientific test as the camera adjusted for the light level. The color of the Alpenglow certainly looks nice. I might be inclined to use the Hella where I need sharp light e.g. over workbenches / Engine room etc. Dr. Led didn't make the grade.

Alpenglow 9W - $97 from
Power consumption .82 Amps.

Dr. Led Mars Dome light - $84.99 at WM
Power consumption .25 Amp.

Hella EuroLED - $129 at WM
Power consumption less than .33 Amp.

1 comment:

rj said...

Great post. From your pictures, I like the alpenglows.

I think N. Calder prefers those due to their pleasant lighting and minimal current draw.