Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And we have a winner (subject to me changing my mind once again)....

1. Rotomoulded tanks just won't fit.

2. I can't locate a source to make fiberglass tanks outside the boat.

3. Building a fiberglass tank in-situ is just too expensive.

So we are back to the dreaded aluminum.

No major problems sourcing tanks. They can be built of the correct material, heavier walled 5052 aluminum, supported on starboard strips and kept dry. This will involve installing a sump below the tanks with an automatic pump. I will have to raise the inside of the keel by approx 3 inches to make this sump.

The problem was, where to put the sump. Forward of the tank would have required moving stuff later (batteries etc.) to change it out. Aft of the tank would require major contortions to get to it and it would live directly under the transmission. The solution was to split the tanks and have a 6in gap between them at the forward end of the engine room. This gap should allow for a two pumps mounted vertically on a suitable frame.

The two tanks should give me about 70 gal. fuel capacity. There will be no direct fill tubes in these tanks, they will be gravity fed from the 50gal day tank on the Stbd. side.

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rj said...

Sounds like a reasonable plan. I'd recommend giving those aluminum tanks a couple healthy coats of epoxy barrier paint, like Interlux 2000E, should help reduce corrosion when they get wet.