Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Its good to talk to experts.......

In order to get the sump mentioned below I will have to raise the floor of the full keel (except for the sump bit) by approx. 3 inches. I was not exactly sure what to use for this so I e-mailed the folks at Gougeon Bros., the West System people. Jim Derck e-mailed me back with a solution he had used before, which was;

"I made up a sample of 105 Resin, 209 Extra Slow Hardener and added it to play ground sand at a ratio of two parts sand to one part epoxy. I poured this mix to depth of three inches and monitored it with a digital thermometer. After an hour it was no warmer than 130 degrees F which is no problem for the laminate or the curing epoxy. "

Isn't the internet grand! Thanks Jim.

My new motto is going to be "I don't know much, but I can e-mail someone who does."


rj said...

Three inches of sand and epoxy sounds like a LOT of goop! Are you going to bulk it up with anything? Like maybe some foam?

I have lots of large thin scraps some Airex foam that could be used for filling a floor area like your bilge area. Free if you email me (seriously, soon before I take it to the landfill lol).

Capt'n Larry said...

Gerry, I've used the folks at West as a resource for many years, a great group of folks with the right customer service ethic. I need to thank you for the tip on the chain plate risers. I have just installed them for the aft eight chain-plates on Star Shadow, they sure solve the standing water issue. I like the sump at the tanks plan. My center tank is fine so I have thought of a small sump carved into the bilge just aft of the aft water tank bulkhead. I feel it would catch any water that is heading toward the area forward of the engine in the area where you are putting your deep sump.

Larry Donaldson
SV Star Shadow
Whitby 42, #333

The Incredible Hull said...


As usual I am open to suggestions. I thought about foam but worried about any water absorption (I know airex won't absorb water). The sand idea sounds interesting as I am happy to keep some weight low in the aft part of the bilge to stop the boat being bow heavy. Plenty of time to change my mind, however, way too hot for bilge work. I'll pass of your very kind airex offer,

The Incredible Hull said...

Capt'n Larry

Happy to be of service, I only steal ideas from the best. Yours is a much later W42 (possibly the last Canadian one?)and they seem to have the center tank sorted out by then.

Jane said...

Well, there we were thinking you were a swashbuckling captain of the seas, a pirates of the carribean type cousin, and it transpires your a BOAT NERD! How disappointing is that. The boys could have broken out their Lego when you visited. Anyway the really bad news is I've killed my phone(again actually) and lost all my numbers so you may never hear from me again. You thouht we were disappointed !!! Jane

Dave said...

Happy to see it's going well, Gerry. She has a great owner in #3.

#2 - hull 98

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks Dave.

I feel lucky to have gotten her, mind you I have a long way to go.