Thursday, January 28, 2010

And we have a lighting winner......

On our last boat we quickly came to the conclusion that you need a "bright" boat below decks. An important aspect of this is good lighting. Spot lighting (reading lights etc.) is fine, but sometime you need to "open" the boat up to avoid a feeling of claustrophobia.

For this purpose the Alpenglow light is a clear winner. I plan to put 4 in the saloon (2 in the main area, one over the galley and one over the chart table). One in the vee berth, one in the forward heads, one in the aft heads and two in the after cabin. That's 9 lights at $97 each (ouch) for the 9-watt single power light. I will use the Red LED version ($119) over the chart table and in the forward heads.

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