Friday, January 22, 2010

So why can't I install TWO engines.....

in a Whitby 42. I mean if its good enough for Bob Bitchin on his new Shannon 52 RDP?

OK, OK before anyone has a stroke only one of those engines in mine. I hadn't planned on making the engine decision for another year and in the interim I was busy torturing myself with questions about HP, turbo/no turbo, brand etc.

While on a visit to our friends in St. John, Pat and Bev, the Perkins Sabre M65 was mentioned. It pretty well fitted the HP slot between the 80HP recommended by the Whitby purists and the 50/55 HP non-turbo engines that were generally available (see next post on HP requirements). But the engine was out of production.

A few weeks later, when Jim E (previous mentioned boat guru etc.) said that he had a lead on two used Perkins Sabre M65 "at the right price", and would I be interested in one? I was. Pretty much anything that Jim mentions "at the right price', I am interested in, which may result in him being cited in my eventual divorce.

I am now the proud owner on a Perkins Sabre M65 with about 1,800 hrs in need of some cosmetic work, but otherwise in perfect working order.


rj said...

Nice find. Take a pressure washer and degreaser to it, followed by a can or two of engine paint. Voila!

Ocean Dove said...

Congrads on the new engine it looks like it will be a good fit for "TIH"
What gearbox are to going to use?

Ocean Dove

The Incredible Hull said...

ZF 25A, which I think is the same as the Hurth HBW 250 (Please correct me if I'm wrong). It is light and I think it can be swapped it out without having to remove the engine. Time will tell if this is possible.

Ocean Dove said...

ZF 25 is a great choice. The 8 degree down angle will allow you to mount the engine almost level.