Monday, January 25, 2010

Keel fuel tanks are finally in.....

OK, I accept that this bilge took longer than the painting of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling but ..... its a pretty bilge!

Coosa board chocks that the tanks sit on.

Tank access with bilge pump system between

Aft tank.

One change was the use of 3M 2216 Scotch Adhesive to glue the haysite to the bottom of the tank. 3M were adamant that you should NOT use 5200.


rj said...

Very nice. Enjoy it while it is clean.

Do I sense a bit of blue in the bilge paint? Or is that the light?

The Incredible Hull said...

The color came from the Interlux 2000E. It is slightly darker than the BilgeKote that I used on the upper section of the bilge. Then again I mix the white and gray to give me a lighter color as I think the gray is too dark. I know what you mean about "enjoy it while its clean" I will probably shed salt tears the first time I spill a tin of white paint into the bilge. (sigh!)

capndeb said...

Beautiful. What a sense of accomplishment, to reach the point of publishable pictures! Nice job!