Monday, January 31, 2011

Bowsprit on a Whitby 42......

The bowsprit on the Whitby 42 was an optional extra and by all accounts a necessary one. TIH, naturally does not have one. She does, however, have a very serviceable bow roller.

Because I have removed the mizzen I will HAVE to have some means of increasing the J dimension. The bowsprit, as drawn by Ted Brewer, takes the J from 15.5ft to 18.5 ft.

The factory installed bowsprit (as installed on Gaia, seen above) is a thing of beauty but it does beg a few questions;

1. Why do we put heavy anchors on the end of a bowsprit, surely it just adds stress to the rig and increases any tendency to hobbyhorse. I will admit that these forces may be minor.

2. Do we need the working jib that far forward except in winds under 15 kts, because above that I certainly tend to start reefing.

3. I plan to have a cruising chute for light airs. This would require a short sprit under the existing bowsprit design for the tack.

4. Might a removable sprit be a solution;

I am putting these questions up because this is an active discussion on the Whitby Web Site and all ideas are welcome. I have not arrived at a decision as yet and am not in a major rush.


robert s said...

When you say increase the J dimension, you mean move the forestay forward beyond the bow?

That means you will have to install a bobstay to counteract the forestay tension, right?

Or am I missing something?

The Incredible Hull said...

You miss nothing Obi-Wan. I need to have a sail with a long foot, forward of the bow by at least 3 ft. This will mostly be used in light winds <15kts and a cruising chute / code Zero are obvious options.

If I install a removable sprit it will have a bobstay (and possibly even side stays). The hoist (block) for the cruising chute can be attached to a reinforced bar projecting 6 or so inches forward from the top of the mast.

The existing forestay (with a 120% roller furling yankee) can remain where it is, tacked firmly onto the bow. This will mostly be used when the wind picks up or when I am too lazy to haul out the cruising chute.

Your opinions please.

robert s said...

ok, I think I get it.

The removable sprit is intended to "pole forward" the clew of the chute or code-0? Not for a jib (at least not a big one).

I see some of your examples intended for chutes.

If that is the case, in the marina, I see some of those CF poles look strong enough to be used without stays. Going beyond 3 feet may be pushing it though.

But I don't have a lot of experience with chutes.

The Resurrection of Hull 5 said...


I see that your moving right along with TIH. I follow your progress with envey. I do have a question for you. I know that you have converted your Whitby to a sloop. Do you still have your mizzen boom? If yes, are you interested in selling it? let me know.