Monday, February 7, 2011

Keeping "Murphy" off the boat.....

Anyone who has a boat is familiar with Mr. Murphy and his law. I actually believe that he was an optimist because, immediately after "anything that can go wrong will go wrong", something that could not possibly go wrong, will also go wrong.

TIH came with a Flush Mount Water Regulator/inlet already installed;

Now I'm not a big fan of piping water into my boat, even at a reduced 35psi. I did, however, leave the system in place and will use it as a tank fill. Naturally I will "always" switch off the dock water after use and "always, always" when I leave the boat........ yea right. I have now installed this item on the dock to replace my faulty memory.

I simply dial in how many minutes I want the water to be on. Time will tell if it stands up but at $28 from Home Depot its not a major investment.

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dacap06 said...

It will last for years, so long as you do not leave it out in freezing weather.