Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MASTERVOLT Mass Combi Inverter/Charger

Inverter/Charger, 2500W Continuous Capacity, 5000W Surge Capacity, 100A Charger Output, 18.1"L x 12.5"W x 5.6"D, 24.3lb.

Arrived yesterday. Santa had it on back-order. Wow, its a thing of beauty and NOT small.

Dry fit;

I did have the dimensions when I was planning its location, but that's never the same as the real thing. It was originally going in the aft cabin hanging locker, but as its probably the single most expensive electronic/electrical gizmo onboard (read "does not like damp conditions") that idea was quickly knocked on the head. It is now going over the former chart table and will be behind a panel, but well ventilated and dry. If water gets up that high I will have other issues to contend with.


robert s said...

Very cool. I have one of these on my list. Yes it looks like something out of Star Trek, doesn't it?

Will you be installing a galvanic isolator? Mastervolt's model is almost as expensive as the Combi.

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Robert

Yes, I looked at the isolator but have passed for the moment. I would need two as I have two 30amp inlets.

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