Monday, February 28, 2011

Windlass decision...

Regular reader(s) may remember my inherited Simpson Lawrence windlass. Well that has gone to a keen shopper at the Pompano Nautical Flea market. The price was right (i.e. cheap) and it had a "Flee market" guarantee (i.e. I took the money and fled).

I have now narrowed my search for a windlass to the MAXWELL MARINE HRC Series Windlasses, the 12V/120A HRC 10-10, to be precise. I have always liked the Maxwell's and despite the fact that this is a brand new design it looks good. I managed to grab a quick look at the Miami Boat Show.

Image © Maxwell Marine


Erick said...

Hey Gerry, this is Erick from (formerly Erick's Wanderlust Blog). I just finished reading your entire blog and enjoyed catching up. I am going through pretty much every project you have done on my Downeaster 38, and sites like yours keep me going. Just saying thanks for all the write ups and keep up the good work!

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks Erick, I enjoyed your blog also. You may not have noticed but my last boat was a Downeaster 38, great boat. Check out our Caribbean trip;

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