Wednesday, March 16, 2011

120V AC Panel decision......

After the usual faffing about trying to decide on the 120V panel, the decision is made-ish. It will be a blue seas 360 panel as follows;

1. The 120v supply will be from the shore power 1 inlet, via the Mastervolt inverter/charger. This has two 120v outlets;
  • Outlet a. Is a "short break" supply which switches over to the inverter in shore power is lost (or not connected). This will feed the 8 breakers on the left of the panel. Mostly small load appliances, used selectively (?) if on the inverter.
  • Outlet b. Is the pass through feed to the 4 breakers on the right hand side, via a selector switch. If only shore power 1 is connected the switch will be on the top feed. This will power the water heater and A/C + 2 spare breakers. The MV Combi load shares this supply between the battery charger and the AC load. If I have the luxury of a second shore power (e.g. a split 50 amp) the selector switch will be on the bottom position and feed the 4 breakers directly.
The V and A displays will have selector switch so I can monitor either Shore 1 or Shore 2.

Hope this makes sense!


Ocean Dove said...

My inverter can be switched on or off at the remote panel to start automatically when there is no Ac voltage present. I leave it in the off position and only switch on after I have switched off the large loads like the Hot water heater etc. This way I control what is supplied by the inverter and when.
This could lead to a error but by arranging the breakers with the largest loads at the top of the panel and in descending order. Only the the lower 3 breaker are on went the inverter is on.
Just my 2 cents

The Incredible Hull said...

I like your system. My hot water and A/C will be on the right hand side panel and cannot be connected to the inverter in any way. Any other large AC load (I can't imagine what) would also be connected to this panel. Only relatively small loads (microwaves, TV, laptops etc. will be on the inverter side).