Thursday, March 24, 2011

Steering belt and braces......

The steering install is moving along. You may remember that I am installing an Edson Pull-Pull system. This will require turning blocks on the port side, over the original fuel tank. These lead back via the pull-pull conduits to the quadrant.

You may know by now that my approach to "systems' is that "if its worth doing, it is worth overdoing".

This is the core of the bulkhead that the turning blocks could have been fastened to;

This was probably strong enough in its own right to hold the blocks, it was also well tabbed to the hull and jammed between the deck and the hull liner.

Well now it has two 3/16 aluminum plates bolted through either side and bolted to the liner and the aft bulkhead of the fuel tank space (I have no fuel tank there).

Hopefully the blocks will never come adrift, but if they do I suspect I will have bigger issues to deal with than my steering.


robert s said...

So If I understand correctly, the steering cables are directed to the port side and run back to the quadrant? Was layout this standard on Whitbys? How many turning idlers are needed?

I am curious as I have been wondering about a similar arrangement on my project. I'd love to see more pics.


The Incredible Hull said...

This was the Edson suggested layout for the W42;

I have modified it slightly, more pics to follow.