Thursday, March 31, 2011

Galvanic Isolators v. Isolation Transformers

OK, I think I know the difference and this article provides a good explanation. The dilemma is that the Charles Isolation Transformers are expensive and heavy. I will require two, >$1K and 150lbs weight;

A compromise option is a galvanic isolator;

I am leaning towards the Isolator-ProS2 Fail Safe 60A at the moment, which can protect both 30A inlets.


robert s said...

Another advantage of (some) isolation transformers: auto-detect/adjust for different input AC voltages. Example, if you are in some far off place with 240V shoreside power, the transformer will kick it down to 120V for the boat (or vice-versa depending on how you wired).

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Robert

Interesting, but I may still opt for the cheaper/lighter option for the moment.

Hope its warming up where you are.