Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finish a bloody project.......... please

The problem with any major boat renovation is the interrelated nature of boat projects. To get at one area involves removing at least one other item to gain access. There is a tendency to leave some projects half completed awaiting the completion of a related one. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. However, I have become thoroughly fed up of tripping over 70 half completed projects. The new policy is to compete one project, however small, a day.

ER Tray with hinges and bolt fitted.

Saloon storage front panel, repaired (almost), sanded, reinstalled and awaiting cetol.


robert s said...

70? Is that all? lol

BTW, that Erie canal trip looks like a fun way to see parts of the country. How many miles did you travel?

Nateetong said...

Is the aluminium plate in front of the engine over the keel fuel tank access? Is it just a cover or do you plan to mount something there?

The Incredible Hull said...


About 200, 20 locks.


Its just a big tray. I used it instead of trying to fit a deckplate over my bilge /fuel access. 1/4ins aluminum, and it works well.