Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great support from Mastervolt (as usual)....

I know it sounds like I'm a cheerleader for MV and in a way I am. I work in the marine business and am convinced that some companies do NOT get the importance of customer support. With new technology it gets harder and harder to differentiate electronic equipment on features alone. Most electronic "stuff" has more features that most owners will ever use. What really pi$$es a customer off is when, after shelling out $$$K for some device he gets a talking machine and the advice "your call is very important to us"....... actually NO, if it was you would answer the phone. Garmin is well up there for service but Raymarine can be hit or miss.

When it comes to MV, I am fully aware that I am a pimple on the end of their supply chain and yet I get a reply, by return, to any of my inane questions.

The recent questions was about the location of the shunt vis a vie the Distribution 500. One poster suggested that it was on the wrong side. The fact that I was getting reversed readings seemed to support this. A quick e-mail to MV clarified that there was a setting hidden in the Shunt software (click on the reset button under the warning "resetting will void warranty") and click on advances settings (or similar, I'm doing this from memory). There is a "reverse" tick box.

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