Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What kind of a muppett installed this.......

If you own any type of vessel over 16ft and you have not uttered this (or similar) at least once you are a lucky person. Today's simple task was to install the Fusion Super-Woofer in the lower locker on the starboard side of the saloon. I had measured it so I knew it would fit. Four screws into the hull liner and job done.

What I failed to realize was that I would have to install the screws blind as the screw holes were hidden by the sides of the locker. I would have to remove them and then reinstall them every time the fuze blew or I needed to adjust the master volume. Any normal installer would simply have power screwed them in place and let the owner deal with the removal later. Unfortunately, I is the owner.

A trip to West Marine and a bunch of fittings later this backing plate was mounted.

Four hours and two super strong bungees later and the job was done.

And that folks is why boat jobs take four times longer and cost eight times more than the original estimate.

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Ocean Dove said...

Any skinned knuckles?
I always have at less one cut or bruise per job.
Last weekend replacing the hoses from the heads to the holding tank and set a record, one for every finger.

By the way the job looks great