Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bow thruster, nice V. need to have?

Well discussion over, $600 for a new Vetus 4HP pretty well sealed the deal.


Nateetong said...

Wow,for sure at that price you can't go wrong. I will be interested to see where it goes and how the installation works out.

The Incredible Hull said...

Check out RJ blog for how to install the tube;


My tube will be 5.5 ins diameter. I have seen a few Whitby installs so it should be do-able.

robert s said...

I say 'nice' AND 'need to have' lol.

paul kessinger said...

I have the same thruster. Totally reliable and pushes 22000 lbs around nicely. Vetus makes a replacement prop that vastly decreases turbulence. And noise. Defender sells it and the performance boost is worth the dough.

The Incredible Hull said...

Paul, excellent thank you.