Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cabin Sole and saloon deck...advice needed.

At some stage I will have to face the cabin sole paint project. New W42 owners were give two options for the cabin sole;

1. A full teak and holly sole at extra cost.
2. Drop in floorboards (teak and holly) which fit into the molded inserts in the hull liner.

The second option, which I have, leaves a painted white strip between the floorboards which I think looks a bit weird.

The PO was kind enough to include a complete set of new drop in boards with the boat. These have been languishing in my apartment for some time.

My two questions;

1. Any ideas on how to deal with the fiberglass strips between the boards (paint, what color, teak strip glued on, etc)?

2. What type of varnish for the new floorboards?


robert s said...

On the varnish, I would choose a regular tung semi-gloss varnish. Something like Epiphanes.

On the strips, not sure. If you try to color match the boards, it may still look weird.

capndeb said...

Honey Teak. Definitely.

Joe F said...

I'd leave the strips as is without replacing the whole shebang with either a plywood/veneer or (gulp!) real teak lumber and holly strips.

Tyche had a ply/veneer strip between the two main salon access panels glued and screwed to the substrate by the PO and it still came off.

BTW - will you be boxing in the mast in the salon?

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks for all the great advice.

Re the mast. Yes I will leave it unboxed, but it will be cleaned up and may have a canvas / rope type decorative cover. My choice would be bare aluminum but I'm not the boss.

Rhys said...

Leave it and have a happier life or cover it with Lonseal Teak and Holly as close a match as you can find OR as "contrasting" a match as you can find.