Friday, July 15, 2011

KiwiGrip - deck paint....

I have always been interested in this product as a deck paint. But I may also use it as paint for the strips on the cabin sole.


To date they only produced white and pastel colors but I just go this e-mail from them;

"My factory is also brewing a "tan" color - something "teak-like" but I would stop way short of calling it dark brown! It'll be a light tan. They are brewing this week for shipment in a week or two. Then 25 sailing days, and 10 days getting thru customs and into our warehouse here in Seattle. This means it should be here end August, early Sept. If your schedule will allow, you may want to give our new "tan" a whirl. - Willy Stiggelbout "

If it looks horrible I can always paint over with a lighter color.


robert s said...

Have you thought about how easy it may be to remove Kiwi Grip? IIRC, my local boat yard rats hate that stuff.

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Robert

The more you can find out about Kiwi Grip the better. I would appreciate any info. I have a few months to decide.



robert s said...

Gerry, I recall hearing that cured KiwiGrip as being difficult to remove. It is intended to be a tough deck coating afterall. But I cant remember where I heard that (boat yard I think) and I have no experience with it so take my comment FWIW. Maybe the mfgr has recommendations for removal?

Otherwise, I can see it being ideal for what you are thinking. I'd be curious how the 'teak' color looks. I looked at KiwiGrip for my deck application, but was not too impressed with the color offerings at the time.

The Incredible Hull said...

How to remove Kiwigrip;

Gasoline and a match. Or, you can wet-sand it off or use heat-gun and scraper.



"You have to love Kiwi ironic humor." Gerry

Robert F. Crocker said...

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