Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fuel system piping.....

Fill system: The only deck fill will go to the "day tank" (stbd tank approx 50 gals). A pipe half way down the tank will decant fuel into either of the keel tanks (I am a little nervous of a connection half ways down in the tank but one at the top would require a pump - suggestions???). Having it half way down will prevent draining the day tank fully.

Supply system: The engine will be fed from the day tank (with an emergency valve to allow it to be fed from the keel tanks). Polishing of the day tank will be via the dbl Racor with their own pump.

Full system.

The deck fill and vent will use this Vetus system;

Now I'm off to watch U2 on YouTube!!!!!


jc luddite said...

please correct me if I'm wrong but i thought the "day Tank" was for fuel After it was polished by the filters. Otherwise this looks like a 3 tank system.

It would be nice to have a day tank that had a lower sump, with access to the bottom of the sump to suck out any accumulated crud. i think it's illegal to put a drain valve on the bottom of the sump but sure would be quick.

The Incredible Hull said...

Arrrg.... JC u be no Luddite.

I agree that what I have is a three tank system. I think I can install the the sump suggestion, possibly without the drain. The polishing may take a little more planning but I like the idea.

rj said...

I too would be nervous about a tank outlet "half way" down the side of the day tank. It is just one more connection that can leak (water is one thing, but diesel! ick.). A couple thoughts...

1. Since you already are planning a lift pump from the keel tanks, maybe you could reverse the direction and pump from the day tank into the keel tanks with some creative plumbing?

2. Can you run deck fill lines from the keel tanks to just under the deck near the deckfill? have a valved manifold underneath that takes the deckfill and distributes it to any one or all three tanks?