Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gread advice from followers and an apology.....

Blogs are a curious exercise in self indulgence. Glancing at the "Feedjit" map on the right hand every day gives one the feeling that I have followers all over the world. Closer analysis, however, indicates that many of these hits are for my posts on "sea cocks". I hereby apologize to the gay community, and possibly some single women, for confusing their search for love on the high seas. It was not intentional.

For people like Jerr Dunlap (check out his web site), a boat builder on the west coast, one question, why are you not on the East Coast? I will take your advice on painting the bilge. How do you feel about Interlux 2000E, which I have used before with some success.

Ref the bilge pumps. You are aboslutely correct. The lower pump is only for nuisance water. I will have a Rule 3,700 GPH above it. See my post on bilge pumps here, and again thanks for the input.

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Jerr Dunlap said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out!

LOL about the sea cocks, too! Grab some work for me and I'll gladly visit! I can get a ton of stuff done in a week if you've got a bunch of friends with projects and am happy to instruct and kibbitz, as you've seen. If you or friends come out to Los Angeles, I'd love to take you out sailing.

Interlux 2000E is great stuff and will do the job nicely. Do go the extra step and use all the Interlux prep stuff. I haven't had any problems with my paint and I think that's why. You're progressing quickly and quite intelligently and it's a pleasure seeing this from your blog.