Thursday, June 3, 2010

Costco Marine.....

Like RJ over at the Westsail 42 blog I like to check into Home Depot, Lowes, Costco etc. when doing boating projects. Don't get me wrong, it frequently pays to buy proper "marine" products. I tend not to skimp on safety, stainless items, electrical cable and wire and rope. Ditto with bronze and deck fittings.

Below decks, however, sometimes house stuff is more than adequate. The boss had pointed out that she wasn't overly fond of all the white Formica in the after heads. I had to agree that over the years it had lost some of its shine, but the question was what to replace it with. I have always liked bamboo plywood, some of which is now being used for flooring. At $240+ per sheet this was a little on the steep side. Enter Costco bamboo flooring, $69 for enough to do the front of the sink area and the new locker over the hot water heater.

The new locker will have slide out wire linen baskets and the sink will be courtesy of Ikea Marine;

The macerator pump in the top picture will be connected to a Lavac head in such a way that I can replace it with a manual pump after it has died for the third time.


jc luddite said...

be careful with bamboo flooring and water. i remodeled my house the other year with bamboo. we ended up using some of the scraps for garden pegs to support plants. the bamboo completely delaminated in a few months. the moisture traveled up the bamboo and split the sections out of the dirt. Montana is not a particularly wet place.

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks JC. I have raised it above the deck for that reason (1/4 gap). The aesthetic of it are still up in the air, I will decide when all is completed. Worse case I can always paint it.