Monday, June 21, 2010

Travelocity Gnome????????

No, its the Forespar TruPlug Emergency plug jammed in one of my Thru Hulls to permit me to change a defective Groco ball-valve. (IMHO a great product, the plug that is - get a few).

Groco had issued a recall on some of its valves (See the service bulletin here). I thought I was in the clear as the shafts of the ones I had installed were brass not stainless steel. Imagine my surprise when one of my 2" valves (cockpit drain) would not shut off. The good news was that I had installed the IBV version with the separate flange. By jamming the "gnome" in the thru-hull the change out was a simple matter. I'm pretty sure that anyone with the flanges version would be less than impressed as changing them would require a haul and a lot of work.

I have e-mailed Groco and look forward to their response.


robert said...

Did you have to dive the boat to get that emergency plug in?

The Incredible Hull said...

Yes of course, but its the Miami river and most of the man eating manatees have gone North for the summer.