Monday, June 14, 2010

Doctors differ and patients die..........

Well not as dramatic, but lots of conflicting advice on the dry riser. The previous post on the subject quoted the ABYC standard which stated; "No galvanized steel, no brass, no bronze". I have sourced Carbon Steel and this is on standby. Two mechanics, that I have huge respect for, individually suggest galvanized steel and silicon bronze respectively. But I have a cunning plan. I have purchased a second exhaust elbow (hip hip for ebay) and will carry a spare setup.

I am having both elbows cut as indicated above and a 2" threaded galvanized piece welded in place. I can then thread on an 90deg elbow, 18" of pipe, a second 90deg elbow and then the water injecting part of the above. Initially I will use galvanized pipe (cheap and available) but carry the silicon bronze AND the carbon steel as a spare. After a few hundred hours running I will take the riser apart and work from there.

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