Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shaft coupling mock up....

This is the mockup to allow the engine to be aligned before installing the Powertrain Marine Joint. No fun working in the Miami heat, even with temporary air-con installed.


Seafox said...

Hi Gerry,

Do you moved cutlass bearing?

I must remove now mine in my W42 and I don't know how to do it, I cleaned all the zone, but I can`t see how to remove it !!!

Have you changed ?

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Seafox;

Its no big deal. This is how I did it on my last boat. The W42 is similar.

1. Remove the propeller and shaft.
2. Clean the sides and look for two small screw holes(one each side). These are retaining screws and may or may not be installed.
3. If a little piece of the cutlass bearing is sticking out you may be able to grab it with a pipe wrench and twist it out (this is unlikely).
4. If not, cut along the full length of the cutlass bearing with a hacksaw (its bronze) and then collapse it into itself using a chisel. Try and not cut into the stern tube.
5. Its not as bad as it sounds.

The Incredible Hull said...

This is a good source of information. It refers to a sailboat with a strut and not a full keel like the W42, but the concept is similar;

Seafox said...

Thanks Gerry !

But it sounds bad !... (If I must cut...) I cleaned and only saw ine hole, not two, but I'll clean more, maybe it's not so clean...
I suppose that evey one is different, but the important is the concept...

Thanks a lot,


Seafox said...

It is possible that exists a screw under the fiberglass ? in the post says that this is an option ?



The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Dave.

There should be one screw on each side. But there might be only one. Don't worry too much because if you cut the bearing it will soon become obvious.