Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cooling down......

Believe me, 90 deg is cooler than it was. It later got down to an invigorating 86 deg and this is without any ducting installed. Should have done this in March.

Located under chart table.

Very good Air Con info here.


robert said...

Very, uh, cool? Say, is that unit sea-water assisted? If so, do you have an idea how well that works in your warm southern Florida waters?

The Incredible Hull said...

Its sea water cooled. Keep in mind that the coolant it at approx 104 deg F after it leaves the compressor so even our relatively warm 85 deg F (in Summer) water temp will have a cooling effect.

garrick said...

Gerry, we just purchased hull #166. I will be installing a/c on the boat this spring. What size unit did you use and why? Is your shore power setup for single 30A, double 30A, or 50A? Nice job on this blog. I have been following it for some time.

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Garrick

I went with the 16K unit, Dometic Turbo.

This is enough to cool down the main cabin with some spill over into the aft cabin. You will find that 16K is the min that will work in the tropics. Shore power is double 30A. I think one supply will support the A/C and possible a water heater but I have not tested it yet. After the initial startup it settles down at around 10amps. If you search around you can buy one for a self install (not dealer only as stated by Dometic). Its not difficult. Thanks for the comments and congratulations on the boat purchase. Gerry

Fred Chance said...

With your dark hull Get as large a unit as will fit under the starboard pull out birth I got an 18,500 BTU unit in there Very short run for ducting to fwd cabin Return is just a large louvered panel on the vertical surface in front of the unit. My unit draws about 14 amps As someone else mentioned it is efficient but not really quiet. Once it has cooled the boat down & the fan reduces RPM's it is MUCH quieter.
My aft unit sits in the engine room behind the Racor filter system on a shelf. Once again NO ducting necessary as duct for in & out are both located directly on the wall behind the rear steps. Not the best location when the engine has been running all day. Mine is 7500 BTU & draws about 5 amps. I suggest twin 30 amp power cords to insure little or no drop in voltage when they both run at the same time. I have an 8KW Gen Set & it will easily run both at the same time If the Hot water heater kicks on & the refrigeration compressor just happens to start all at the same time it will pop the breaker Simply turn off the hot water heater breaker & it will make the gen set much happier. If I am on shore power I can run everything all at once if I am using two 30 amp cords If I have the selector switch set for one 30 amp cord then you must be much more selective
If you give me a call I can go into much more detail 717-580-8191 Fred Chance Wild Oats B44 Hull # 281

Steve said...

Hi Fred,

Thank you! I didn't see all this info until now, because the link to this blog was under a different person's reply. Strange.

I gave you a call and let a message; look forward to speaking with you.