Monday, August 30, 2010

The one hour boat project.....

We all know about those, "it'll just take an hour or so" and three days later the boat is torn apart. I have been stewing over the deck hatches since I bought the boat (two year now). I had discounted the Hood hatches and considered refurbishing the Atkins Hoyle ones. I later discounted AH based on cost and future availability of parts. I then bought a Lewmar size 60 Ocean hatch with a flange base. I still deferred the job as I dreaded tackling the goop that held the old hatch to the deck.

While waiting for the paint to dry in the saloon and to escape the fumes I decided to give the hatches another go. More poking at the sealant and a brief attack with the Fein cutting blade proved inconclusive. I decided to try a small chisel as a wedge, with no great expectations. A few half hearted sucking sounds (from the silicon, not me) the damn thing popped off. 30 mins later the second hatch was off.

The Lewmar 60 fitted right in to the Saloon opening. The V-Berth opening will need about a .5 inch increase all round. Bloody boats.

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