Monday, August 23, 2010

Engine installation almost completed.....

Dry riser solution, finally.

Water lift.

Shooting aft from the engine room door.

Exhaust hose.

Anti syphon.

Transmission access, not too horrible.

Hose run down port side of hull, to exit at stern. I will secure it in place to give a gentle downward slope.


robert said...

Gerry, I am interested in more details about the exhaust if you don't mind. Is TIH's exhaust side or aft discharge? If aft, about how far is the run from the top of the "loop" to the thru-hull? Any more pictures you can post would be great. I am looking to steal some ideas here lol.

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Robert

The run from the top of the loop is about 15ft, and exits in the center of the transom. This is standard on the Whitby 42's. The hose is 2.5 inch. Obviously back pressure is a concern so we will see when I get the engine running and test it.

Patrick said...

Gerry, Good Job! What is that wrapping? West Marine? We had a scare on 26 March in the C&D Canal (a very dangerous place without an engine) We saw white fumes coming off the dry riser. Now think it was condensation flashing to steam after the long winter? Now thinking of backups. Will go KISS like you. Galvanized. New Stainless Steel one is very expensive over $2K Dave Cook
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DeAngelo Marine Exhaust
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Bill and Judy Speary had theirs made for less than $300 there in 1993