Monday, February 1, 2010

Bilge Pump system...

The bilge pump system is completed and surprise, surprise it works. The small lower pump monitors water level in the sump and pumps it up into the upper chamber. When the float is activated the Rule 2000 then pumps any water overboard. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice the non return valve on the outlet hose (see my absolute statement in a previous post!!!!). I had hoped to avoid this but with any deep bilge the water in the hose drains back down when the pump shuts off and reactivates the float switch. This results in cycling of the pump. This valve will reduce the pump capacity but as this is only a secondary pump it should not matter much. I replaced the original Rule 3700 with a Rule 2000 and will use the 3700 in another location.

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Ben Eriksen said...

This is interesting... I also have a deep bilge and one of my upcoming projects is rewiring the pump, and float switch - think I have a ground leak somewhere down there. Maybe I can check out your boat sometime, looks like you are doing a smash up job on her!

Thanks for the mag again! I posted a pic on the SLM forum:,9050,9054#msg-9054