Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Engine bed pan is glassed in

While I was goofing off at the Boat Show, Jim E was busy. He was also responsible for Casper's new coat of paint. The conversation went as follows;

Jim E.: What color do you plan to paint your engine?
Me: I hadn't given in much thought but I was considering white Awlgrip.
Jim E.: Good because that's the color I've painted it.
Me: What would you have done if I had said red.
Jim E.: I'd have told you that you made a bad decision.
Me: OK.


rj said...

Are your referring to what looks like the "drip pan" between the four base mounts?

I presume the Casper's footprint matches the blocks? No need to move them?

looks good.

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks RJ, could not remember the correct term.

On initial measurements the mounts look like a close match.

Ocean Dove said...

Your engine mounts appear to be level. The ones for the Volvo MD30 that was in Ocean Dove had a 3" height difference between the fwd & aft mounts. I made up a fake engine of wood with the flex engine mounts so I could vision how it would fit.
Have you picked a gearbox yet?


The Incredible Hull said...


No gearbox yet. Its going to be a ZF25 but I need to check if I need the 8deg down model. Any suggestions?

Ocean Dove said...

I would go with ZF25 with the 8 degree so your engine will be level.
It maybe hard to find a well priced used gear box.