Saturday, February 13, 2010

Electrical Stuff.....

Wiring of TIH is one of the next projects. As I have mentioned previously, I am investigating so called "smart systems". Two companies have caught my attention at the Miami Boat Show. The first one has developed a smart but simple upgrade to the standard shore power connection; The Smart Plug

Any who has struggled with the old connections and later found them with fried pins due to a short must surely believe that this is an idea whose time has come.

The second company is Mastervolt whose power distribution and management system is very impressive.

I have no vested interest interest in the above companies etc. etc. but plan to investigate further.


rj said...

Prompted by your post, I checked out the latest Mastervolt offerings. Wow! They have really filled out their line since I last looked (about a year ago). They have added distributed power and hybrid/electric propulsion!

Guess I got some reading up to do.

jc luddite said...

I know Casper is now haunting TIH, but did you ask Maservolt about their electric motors? I have looked at them on the web but no info...just pictures. I have ordered the new catalog but being curious I was wondering if you saw them in person, the electric motors that is.

The Incredible Hull said...


I talked to MV about their E-propulsion and it looks interesting. However, having read Calder's experience on the subject I'm not rich enough to be on the "bleeding edge of technology"

jc luddite said...

Thanks for the reply.I've read about Nigel's adventures as well. I have worked for enough bleeding edge outdoor companies to know it's a poor place to be. Before we know it I'm sure Yanmar or CAT will introduce an electric motor, just as soon as the edge is bled dry trying to convert the masses and works out all the bugs.