Monday, February 1, 2010

Support for Mizzen Mast...

This is posted as part of a discussion on the Whitby / Brewer Owners web site;


rj said...

So do the whitby's have a "bridge" over the bilge and shaft to support the compression post?

I still need to do this on the Westsail and am curious how other boats have done it.

Could you post more detailed pictures if you get a chance!


The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Rj

That's not my boat or me, so I have no more pics. I thought it was a simple and effective retrofit. In your case why not place a support post directly on top of the bilge up to the deck or to a suitably reinforced bulkhead which would then act as a compression post. (S/S pole on top of a piece of king board to keep it out of any water).