Sunday, February 7, 2010

Houston - we have lift-off

This is the first run of the recently purchased Perkins Sabre M65. The previously mentioned Jim E is the guy you want to have around if you are even marooned on a desert island.


jc luddite said...


jc luddite said...

did you consider the Beta 60hp? the boat I'm looking at buying, wauquiez/hood 38, is similar in power needs, and any boat I can afford will need an engine replacement.

any other insights in to your engine choices?


Ocean Dove said...

Easy Starting, Sounds Great, I hope my starts that easy in spring.

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks All, very happy so far. Engine needs painting and I will try and remove and reinstall parts that may break in the future (starter motor, water pump etc.). That way I may actually recognize them when I have to do it in a live situation (i.e. without Jim E. around). Ref the Beta 60. That was my next choice if I had to buy new. But the price of the M65 killed any discussion. IMHO the Wauquiez Hood (great boat) is such a slippery boat 60 HP might be too much. Most have Perkins 4-108 which is hard to beat. I would look at the Beta 50 and the Yanmar 4JH5E, you have lots of choices.