Friday, March 19, 2010

Edson steering $$$$$$$$$$$.....

1. Edson Classic Series Chain and Wire Steering Pedestal - $854.58
2. Edson 36" Stainless Destroyer Wheel - $626.91
Edson Steering Wheel Nuts - $40.92
Edson Standard Clutch and Throttle Controls - 329.80
Edson Straight Pedestal Guard Kit - $268.38
Edson Teak Fold Down Luncheon Table - $499.99
7. Edson 4" idlers - $369.00
Edson - 2 1/2" Pedestal Riser - $154.98
Total = $3142.56 + Tax

Getting all of the above (lightly used) at the Dania Marine Flea Market for $400 = Priceless.


robert said...

Wow. Great find! And Edson is the cheaper system! Even when bought new!

Ocean Dove said...

Looks good Gerry
If you can find a Lewar 40" folding wheel at the next flea market get it. It is a great addition. The Skipper like extra 4" to reduce the steering load and the folding wheel opens up the cockpit at the dock which the Admiral loves.

The Incredible Hull said...

Robert. Yes, I'm pleased. Edson may be the cheapest system but the pricing is still nuts.

Derek. I really like the folding wheel but I'm not sure if I'll find one in a flea market. But you never know.