Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fuel filter and polishing system...

Given enough time and a big enough hammer I could have built a fuel filter/polishing system. It would have worked AND it would have looked like cr&p. These things I know.

I have always lusted after the KTI Filter Boss fuel system. I met and spoke to Carole Keenan of KTI Systems at the Miami Boat Show. Both she and Andy could not have been more helpful and in the end I contract out the build to them.

Andy took my sad sketch and turned it into a working system. The end product is a work of art. I now have a system that can;

1. Polish three tanks.
2. Move fuel between tanks.
3. Supply the engine and generator.
4. Has a visual early warning system.
5. Has a sight glass to check if fuel is flowing.
6. Has a 43 GPH fuel pump.
7. Has parts that are not propriety and can be replaced by me at some time in the future.


Ocean Dove said...

Yes it is a work of ART. Were are you going to mount it.

The Incredible Hull said...

Its mounted. Forward side of the ER just inside the door. I am trying to avoid having to reach over a hot engine in order to switch over valves.

jc luddite said...

wow. fantastic. If it were my boat I'd mount it where every one could admire it. So i guess this means in the head or on salon bulkhead.

my wife of course would veto such an idea, so in the end I'd spend more time doing engine maintenance just to look at it.


robert said...

Very nice! I am hope to do something similar. I like the copper tubing with flare fittings. Soooo much nicer than hoses and hoseclamps.

jc: here is an idea, put it in a nice mahogany framed glass case. Use shiny metal engraved labels. Would the wife then approve? lol