Friday, March 5, 2010

Transmission decision!!!!!!

For some reason the ZF 25 transmission is on back-order everywhere. Someone is suggesting a Twin-Disc so I am investigating. Any suggestions?

Question for Ocean Dove and any other engineer; Is the 8deg down angle the way to go? I have being trying to work it out but am somewhat confused. Working in metric and imperial measurements is not helping (my guru, Jim is an Imperial guy).

(as a former colleague of mine was fond of saying "four years ago I couldn't spell engenier now I are one").


Ocean Dove said...

Two things to consider:
You will have to raise the fwd engine mounts about 62mm (2.44 inches) to align with shaft if you do not use a 8 degree down gearbox.
All diesel engines have a max. angle fwd/aft they must operate within i.e. 15 degree, if you raise the fwd end of the engine this will reduce this angle by about 8 degree.
This is why I wish my new engine's gearbox was a 8 degree down.

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks Derek, I believe that is the way to go.