Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Steering decision...

The original Whitby 42 came with Hynautic (now Teleflex) hydraulic steering. This was a good system at the time and continues to give good service. My only issue with it was the complete lack of feedback.

I had not decided on the steering decision as of last week. The short list was;

1. Hydrive (Australian company) - A hydraulic system with feedback.
2. Jefa steering system - both rod and pull/pull.
3. Edson Pull/Pull.

Edson had already designed a Pull/Pull system for the Whitby 42 and I suspect that a version of this system was installed on the Brewer 12.8 (the redesigned W42).

Unfortunately, parts of Edson design will not fit on TIH (e.g. I have only room for a 10" quadrant). I have e-mailed Edson with a list of questions but do date have not received an answer. (Correction----a 12" quadrant fits!!!!)

In any event the I will now be installing an Edson Pull/Pull system.


Ocean Dove said...

Gerry I send you photo Ocean Dove's Pull-Pull system Jan. if you want more photo's or measurements let me know. I like the feedback you get through the wheel with pull-pull system and no oil leaks. I think you made a good decision.

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks Derek

Thanks for the photos they were great. I would really like the radius of the quadrant.

Ocean Dove said...

Next time I am @ Ocean Dove I will measure from the center or the rudder post to the outside dia. of the quad.