Friday, March 12, 2010

Sea Chest, completed....

but not yet installed. Obviously missing its Lexan cover.

The Sea Chest was fabricated out of 3/8" Polypropylene, by Dura-Weld, Inc.
Excellent company to deal with. Gareth was prompt and efficient, knows his business and the project arrived ahead of time and BELOW budget. That's not something that happens too often in the boat business.

Dura Weld
3599 23rd Ave S, #9
Lake Worth, FL 33461
561-586-0180 Office
561-586-0181 Fax


robert said...

Looks nice. How will it be attached/sealed to the hull? Will you need to glass in some sort of flange?

The Incredible Hull said...

Plan to just bolt it down to a couple of your coosa strips epoxied to the hull, through the side flanges at the bottom of the chest. Its a pretty solid piece and I cant imagine that it needs to be any stronger than some of the plastic strainers normally installed on most boats.