Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This may have gotten a little out of hand.....

but for what its worth this is the fuel fill system.

All three tanks (Stbd, for'd keel, aft keel) can be filled from one 2" deck fill. The gray elbow at the top is a "Vetus Splash-Stop" device. The days of getting away with fuel squirting out of the boats stern as a means of knowing when to stop pumping is well over. The "Green Marine Fuel Whistle" (white item) gives the first indication and then any overflow goes back into large pipe to the right of the main fill. All tanks can be isolated. I am waiting for 2" fuel hose which is on back order and to connect the 5/8" vent hoses. The vent (brass fitting on the left of the "splash stop" goes to a carbon filter and then to a deck vent.

The black antiphon elbow on the left is for the bilge pump.


jc luddite said...


this looks really well done. I really like the Vetus fuel fill you put in. Any reason you used didn't use ball valves?


The Incredible Hull said...

"Any reason you used didn't use ball valves?"


Yes, the Vetus system is pretty clever.