Monday, April 5, 2010

How much clothing storage does a boat need?

In my opinion, not a whole lot (my wife's opinion may differ slightly). Storage Vacuum bags will hold pretty much anything you need. These can be jammed into any available space.

More important priorities are;
1. Easy access to motors, chargers, pumps etc.
2. Food storage.
3. Booze storage.

To this end the outboard side of the hanging locker in the Aft cabin will become an electrical locker.

Air vents (and possibly a small fan) will be provided cooling and the item can be readily accessed for maintenance etc. Plenty of room is available for hanging clothes, should the need arise.


Ocean Dove said...

I wouldn't mess with a woman's closet if you know what good for you.

Ocean Dove said...

I mounted a Xantrex Freedom 20 Inverter/charger where you mounted your fuel filters.
I know the engine room is not the best place but it is close to the batteries, well vented, and is only runs went we are on shore power (charging) or using it for the microwave. It is not used when I am running the engine.
I have a small inverter at the Nav. desk for my laptop and battery chargers.
Have you thought of installing the inverter under the salon seats, it would be close to your batteries and could be vented with some nice teak louvered vents.
What size inverter are you going to install.

The Incredible Hull said...

Good point, see my next post.