Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More incremental improvements...

In case anyone gets the impression that this boat is beginning to look anywhere near completion, think again. As soon as I complete one job the next one manages to destroy half of the previously completed work. TIH is currently a collection of half completed projects in a fiberglass skin.

I did manage to get the stbd. fuel tank boxed in and the workbench / chart storage put back in place. Nowhere near a perfect job as nothing lines up on a boat. I plan to bolt the tool chest in place, but that may change. A lot will depend on how I can adapt the original shelf facing that used to hold the electrical panel and a bookshelf.

The eagle eyed amongst you (assuming anyone is reading this) will notice the white discoloration on the epoxy under the lid. This is what happens when you paint on West System and then leave the lid in the sun for 5 days (duh). All the marine ply panel on TIH that I remove will be coated with West System Epoxy before being reinstalled.


Ocean Dove said...

Now I see why you put the electrical in the admirals closet so you could have a real workbench with a built in tool box!!!

#$@%& I am jealous

The Incredible Hull said...

Please.... that is NOT an isolation transformer in the closet. It is a heater to keep her clothes dry.